I love exploring and creating.

I love discovering new ways of enhancing the experience of wellbeing and coaching others how to do it for themselves, in their own, unique lives. I love co-creation of minds interested in expansion…

I love taking my camera for a walk in the nature… It’s a contemplation and storytelling time for me…

I feel that by focusing on a particular spot and pressing the shutter button, something else “clicks into place”, a magic box opens…and I am able to feel a different kind of a connection with the Nature, to listen closer and then to be reminded later on all those insightful moments and sensations…

…And I love making photographs of people having a good time or enjoying what they do (craftswomen at work, musicians during creative process / rehearsals and at concerts, actors during play, etc).

Again, because there is a special vibration present in those moments… A joy of being alive… creating, contributing, exploring what is… choosing a resourceful reality….

I also run an Inner Gym.

Relax, not “that” kind of a gym. It’s a special kind that helps one to keep fit on the inside.

That was born out of my life long interest in the matters of the mind.

The road to it was via many valleys and hills and cities and seas (metaphorically and literally). I was taking on many roles and jobs and day and evening studies and still every moment of free time was dedicated to more studying, researching, experimenting with various theories…

Due to family upbringing first there were matters of exploring depths of Christianity, saints and mystics, then thoughts and works of psychologists, philosophers and anthropologists then shamans, healers, and energy workers, then human potential movement and NLP, then neuroscience and all the delicious (re)discoveries of modern age.

And I wanted more… More learning, more understanding, more discoveries, more ways on “how to make the World a better place”. I am still in “exploring more” mode, but the main difference is there is no more stress involved, no more disempowering emotion attached and the depth of the saying that each of us creates our own reality just keeps on expanding, as does life, as does the meaning and direction of “more”.

Apart from photography and Inner Gym, writing is one of my joys, as is walking and observing trees. And intertwined in everything and all there was and still is an integral part – music… Music as a reminder on our own deepest truth and highest levels of consciousness , music as a tool of transportation, music as an incentive to move the body,  music as a connective vibration for all like-minded people… 

I am currently based in Brighton and love the cultural and bio diversity of the area.… I am also often wandering in Croatia, experiencing Mediterranean at its best ;) .

All is (a) well and more.


… there is always more… ;)



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